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Yesterday I went to Melbourne CBD with my friend Mady. I dressed up as Zelda from episode 2 of Squaresville and hid bookmarks in:

The State Library (which is absolutely beautiful by the way) on a chair in a reading room and in a book about adolescents.

In Dymocks (a bookshop) in Looking For Alaska by John Green (I forgot to take a picture on it and when I went back to do so the book had already been taken YAY A NEW SQUARE! is that what we’re called? Anyway…)

And on the train on the way home. I hope people find them and check out Squaresville , it’s a brilliant webseries and I had tons of fun sneaking around finding places for bookmarks, I mean, what other fandom gets to do that? (Also, sorry if some of the pictures are upside-down… hehe iPod pictures…)

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    Adventuring IRL!